Vegan Churro & Coffee Menu

We fry our Churro’s in Sunflower Oil using the finest Spanish Churro making equipment from JL Blanco, Spain’s premier Churro manufacture. We’ve designed the van to provide maximum theatre while you wait. Watch as your Churro drop fresh into the fryer, creating the Churro of your dreams

We use a lever coffee machine to produce the finest coffee that is a match to any of the high street brands, even better in our view. We use a lever machine because it lets the fresh ground coffee infuse that little bit longer to extract the full flavour from our own label Italian Espresso Coffee beans.



Traditional Vegan Spanish Churro's£ We serve traditional Spanish Churro's with sugar & Cinnamon with additional serving of warm Spanish dipping Chocolate


Coffee£ Americana, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Hot Chocolate, Espresso

Teas£ All Day Tea, Herbal Teas

Milk£ Dairy, Soya, Coconut & Oat